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Powerful Love Spells|Return Your Lost Lover|Get Your Ex Back

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How to return your Lost Lover or Retrieve your Lost Lover Using African Spells.

Many people around the world experience share the universal beautiful moment of love with other people .These people can be called their marriage partners, boyfriends and girlfriends. We all know that when we are in love, we wish that our love could last forever and we don’t want to lose that good feeling so when things turn out not right we resort to other sources or ways to bring back our lost boyfriends or girlfriends. The activity which involves the ways to retrieve/ return a lost lover using super natural forces like herbs( special tree medicine locally called muthi) is called casting an african Lost lover Spell. The African way of spell casting involves use of herbs,oils,special sea water,use of ancient african language and African magic some time know as Black Magic.

 What a magic spell? It’s the act of which involves the use of supernatural forces to help change circumstances in the real world.  African Love Spell casting has been in existence for quite a long time in the African society. Kings, Queens, Chiefs and local people always consulted African astrologers, healers, spell casters, fortune tellers or call them Psychics in case their loved ones left them.  Not o be forgotten chief wanga always consulted his Psychic or healer for love spells (muthi )to attract females and also help remove conflicts in his marital life.

How is the African Magic Love Spell done? The first thing you need to know is that you have to decide if you have really made up your mind about returning your ex lover in your life . Other things you got to take into consideration is :

i) You should know the Name of your ex lover let it be the surname or nickname.

ii) Their photo is helpful

iii) If u want to cast the spell on your own you should have their hair ,clothes or anything small that belongs to them . If you are not casting the african magic lost lover spell on your own, find a powerful trusted spell caster to do it on your behalf. Other materials may also be needed like red flowers, honey and other special African herbs.

This type of spell can be carried out anywhere at any time of the day let it be in your house, on river banks, temple or shrine. It involves asking all what you want the forces to help you with for instance asking to restore the love your ex lover had for you before you broke up or asking for a second chance from your lover so that you have a permanent relationship forever or whatever you may wish to happen in a relationship.

NB. The purpose of your requests should be mainly love related. The period for you to see the results also depends on your urgency or what kind of spell raw materials you have used. This Spell has no side effects at all .it should be carried out by experienced spell casters or psychics, if carried out on your own it should be under a good supervision of a well experienced Spell caster or Psychic. Should you wish to change your mind please consult your spell caster.

This Article was provided from Psychic Amis and it’s copyrighted.


Love spells are kind of spells used in relationship/marriage to solve problems or for easy love.

Our Powerful love spells have been used for a long time and proved to be really working. A love spell can be cast at anytime to bring about good mutual understanding between two lovers. Let it be that someone used black magic to separate you from the love of your life; we can break the evil spells between you. Our spells for love are long lasting, natural and free from any satanic forces, love spells that work include ;

Get Back Your Ex Spells

It happens some many times when you are over taken by your ex’s love but how do you get your ex back or win your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend back? How do you win your love back? How can you make your ex boyfriend to appreciate you more than before? How can you bring back your ex girlfriend? Yes it’s very possible to bring back your ex lovers with the get back your ex spells. The get back your ex spells will be cast to you in periods when you need to reconnect with your ex lover (ex boyfriend or ex girl friend) in whatever conditions, no matter if he or she moved on with someone else.

Getting back your ex. getting back your ex is very challenging especially when you don’t have a good spell caster or psychic to help you get back your ex lover (ex boyfriend or girl friend). We cast love spells to get your ex lover back to you in a short time. You will expect to get the same good love you had before you separated from your ex.

Get ex back. For many years people have been asking how they can get their ex back with use of spells. The good news is that we have been for so long helping people to reconnect with their lovers.

Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend Spell
Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend.


Men out there who would like to win back the love of their ex girlfriends, this spell will help you soften your girlfriend so that you win her back. If you feel you have tried so many tricks to impress your ex girlfriend to win her back and you have not been successful, this “ win back your ex girlfriend spell “ will work for you wonders. This magic spell is very simple to cast, you can even cast it on your own if you are far or want to cast the spell on your own. Your ex girlfriend will not hesitate to come back to you.

Win Back Your Ex Boyfriend Spell

Win back your boyfriend or how to win your ex boyfriend with spells.

Have you tried so ways to bring your ex boyfriend back? Even by using other spell casters or other psychics but with no success? Do you feel that your ex lover is the right man for you even though you broke up? Ladies this spell is very powerful that it will call your ex boyfriend with ease without having cry.

Easy love Spell

It’s a powerful love spell which makes everything in your love life easy for example you will be in control of your partner and anything you want him/her to do will do.

Black magic love spell / Come back my lover

The powerful forces of the universe act to bring back your lost love in just casting a black magic spell. Your lover will come back to you with ease and you do not need to call her/ him to you but come automatically after 3 days.

Marry Me.............

Marriage Magical Spell.

If you are getting excuses, insecure in your relationship, let the marriage magical spell help you to get married with ease. Just ask me to cast this spell for, in 2 days His/her will propose to you and live together happily. Its secure and no one will know.   

Return My Lost love....


 Lost Lover Spell

Do you need to bring back your lost lover(partner),even if it’s for as far as ten years? Just cast this spell and wait within 4 hours. His/her will contact you willingly to come back and restore the relationship with you.     

 Bind Us..................

Love Bond Spell

You are very much in love with a person and you do not want to lose Him/her. Use the love bond magical spell to seal your love to be stronger and no other person can come between the two. It can be permanent or temporary.       

 Attraction Spell

Do you want that joy of the opposite sex following you for love, feeling happy and loved with the desired people of your choice? No one will know what you are really using, it’s a matter of saying "attract Tom'' and our magical spell will work for you.      

Banish Past lover.....

Banish Past lover Spell

 Is someone in the past relationship giving you stress, abuse, making unnecessary phone calls. Our powerful banish spell will make this person to mind His/her own business.    

Divorce me...........

Divorce Spell

 You need to move from your current abusive marriage but your partner is not ready to go part ways with you, we can cast our working divorce spell for you to make you apart and also the divorce to go in your favor with ease in a short period  .   

Good Marriage......................

Good Marriage Magical Spell.

 We can bless you to have a good marriage, let it be you are already or not yet married. With our magical Spell you are guaranteed to enjoy your marriage for the rest of your life.

Making up............................

Make up Spell.

make up love spells

You had a fight with your partner but he/she is still angry with you, our powerful make up spell will help the two of you make up in just 1 hour after use. 

 Easy Love Spell

  Your relationships are not lasting for a desired time (short),abusive, always meeting wrong partners so in short your love life is not easy or good enough. Our spiritual world will bless you with the easy love magical spell and enjoy every moment you are in love with joy, lasting relationships instead of being used. 

Catch Cheating Partners.......

Cheating Magical Spell

Are you suspecting or sure that your partner is cheating on you. You are frustrated, angry & stressed. Spare your anger and give me a call, you will either catch your partner cheating or our powerful magical cheating spell will stop cheating.    

Beauty Spell (ladies)

You are a lady but not confident among men not attractive enough to take men's attention, order our strong spell to put you on a hot spot where men can see you, its permanent and easy for use.  

 Love potion Spell

love portion that works

Use our powerful spell to control your relationship at any time from where you are with just a matter of speaking your orders and it will be done. With this love portion you have full control.  

This Spell is for Same Sex relationships who want to bind their partners without others interfering. Your partner will be addicted, more loving and faithful at all times, also you can ask us to cast a special spell for you.

Fertility Magical spell

Your relationship or marriage is not blessed with any children, its also clear that your partner is in need of children and it's also ruining your relationship/marriage. We can cast our magical fertility spell for you to get children of your choice. 

Gay Love Spell

This love Gay magical Spell is especially for same sex relationship. If you would your partner to be more addictive to you and faithful. We also have a variety of gay packages.  

Love spells to increase love

Sometimes you might feel that your partner is not giving you enough care. It’s very disappointing when your partner is neglecting you for instance he or she may be giving you excuses for not caring about you, delaying marriage, not making shopping for you or you may feel that he / she is not active in your relationship or marriage. Our love spells increases love very fast from your partner.

Love Spells for dating

Dating Love Spells

This kind of love spells helps you in easing every trouble you get during the time of dating. In case you are shy, this love spell will give you confidence over your love partner. The person you want will pick more interest in you on dates, outings, gatherings and more.

Relationship easy love spells Easy love spells for relationship

When you are in a relationship but it’s very stressful for you because everything seems not be going on well, there is little joy, lot of fights between you and your partner. You need to spice up with the magic spell of the relationship easy love spell .

Break up love spells  Love spells for break up


Bringing an end to a relationship is one of the hardest things to do as it involves a lot of courage. At some point you really feel that you need to break up with this person but you feel that the person cannot accept it, we will help you do that. Your partner will have to leave on his or her own without any difficult.

Love spells for divorce  Divorce love spells

Married individuals who are not happy in their marriage this is a spell for you to help you. It’s not easy to make a divorce when you have been married. You might want to do it yet your partner may not want to do it. The divorce love spell will help you fasten the process of divorce.

Prevent divorce spells  Spells to prevent divorce.

This magic spell will help you prevent divorce from happening. Do you feel that you do not want to end your marriage? Or you feel that you don’t want to lose him or her due to children, losing your assets and many more reasons. We will help you block this divorce immediately

Move On Love Spell

The Move on spell helps you forget the people you still love but they are out of your life. You can also cast it if you want the other person to be out of your love life.

Give me More Attention Love Spell

Is your partner / Lover not listening to you anymore? He /she seems to be distracted by other things other than your love, this love spell can help you bring more attention to you so that you are happier.


Give me more Care Love Spell

Enchant this spell if you are seeking provision of for necessities of welfare, clothing, protection and maintenance from your partner.


Forgive Me My Love Spell.

When you do wrong to the person you love, he /she will be angry with you for a period and may probably want to never see you again. This spell ounce cast, helps to grant pardon for the wrong which was done.

Communication Love Spell.

Hearing from the people we love makes us happy and strong in relationships and marriage. When the communication slows down we normally get worried, this spell helps to increase the communication between people in love let it be on phone, verbal or sms.

 Stop Fights Love Spell.

stop fights love spells

Are you fed up of fights in your love life?  You tend to fight over small things or even big ones? This spell assists you in bringing peace in your relationship or marriage.

 Stop Controlling Partner Love Spell.

When your partner is very controlling and jealousy, it nags. This is where this powerful love magic spell will assist to cease the jealousy of your controlling partner.

 Pay Ilobola Love Spell or Commitment Love Spell.

pay ilobola love spells,comittment love spells

Is your man afraid to commit to you? He loves you but he has not made it official with a wedding ring, done a traditional marriage or has not paid bride price (Ilobola)? This spell makes all this easier.

 Facebook / Twitter Love Spell

This magic love spell helps you stop your partner from flirting with other people on social media websites like facebook ,watsapp or twitter .

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 Keep Your Promises Love Spell.

This spell helps your partner to stick on whatever promise he or she makes to you.


You should send me your (i) ex lover's photo (ii)  your own photo (iii)  ex lover's date of births (iv) your date of birth (v) labour fee and raw materials

Prayer to Bring back lost lover / ex lover

  • This lost lover spell prayer is to help you bring back your ex lover . This prayer is by by Amis
  • Before you you say this prayer,you should know in your heart that you are calling on a strong
  • love connection from your ex lover's heart and feelings.
  • Things to use in the bring back lost lover prayer.
  • Candles (Any Color of your choice)
  • Red roses (2 of them one for you and other for your ex girlfriend or ex girlfriend)
  • Honey
  • Sapa sapa love water.
  • Your ex girlfriend's or ex boyfriend's ,ex lover's photo.
  • A plain white piece of paper.

Starting your lost lover Prayer

  • Start by placing the candles in the heart shape and Lit them up. spell to get ex back
  • Place the white paper infront of the candles.
  • In the middle of the candles put your ex lover's photo (the one you want to bring back)
  • Dip both of your hands into the Sapa sapa love water .
  • Massage with one hand with the water onto your heart. With the other hand sprinkle some water onto your
  • ex lover's photo. While you are doing this,say these words
  • say "my love............(full names of your lost lover)
  • i call upon you to come back to me
  • with the help of my powers and Sapa sapa love water.
  • Fall in love with me as it was before
  • shower me with your love.
  • My lost lover return to me soon.
  • Let the love gods bring back my ex lover.
  • From now i want to win back my ex lover. After this dip your point finger in the water and write the name of your lost lover on the white paper.
  •                                                        END OF LOVE SPELL PRAYER

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    lost love spells

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