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Powerful Amulets



These are powerful instruments or powerful amulets which posses alot of power to make things happen i.e in love ,work and wishes

Lover's Lock

The Lover's Lock is good luck piece worn by one lover to make His/her lover preserve their deep love for him/her

Beg my love Amulet

This is one of the best powerful love can be Amulets which can be used to over come any challenge in a marriage/relationship or any thing love related. It posses alot of power which works with your own powers to make all your wishes happen. When your lover is gone,he will come back running asking for your forgiveness.This Amulet will never fail.

beg my love amulet

During the extended periods of separation, this remarkable amulet keeps their spirits united. And during times of stress, the Lover's Lock symbolizes the eternal bond and reminds the couple that temporary difficulties will soon go.

If your relationship is on the rocks it needs to be jump started by the Lover's Lock. It will remind both lovers how important your relationship/marriage is to one another.

The moment your loved one observes the Lover's Lock; they will be reminded of the values of loyalty, faithfulness, companionship and lasting love.


Witch's Cat

These are the words of the Witch's Cat, the most sacred and most powerful symbol in the mysterious world of Witchcraft.

Hold me... the gates to happiness could swing open.

Touch me... money and prizes could fall from the sky.

Caress me... love and romance could seek you out.

Gaze upon me... the instincts of the feline could protect you.

Possess me... I will do your bidding!                                              

He who possesses the Witch's Cat may unlock the door to the Supernatural! Possess the Cat and experience the powers of another world. Possess the Cat; it may bring riches, love, and happiness to your doorstep.



Ancient Rings

This is an ancient golden ring power amulet that that you are protected from all evil coming to you/loved ones, power  to revenge to enemies through powerful forces   $1000


Lucky Chords

These silver lucky chords are from Indian Ocean, it’s worn on

Hand to give you luck in draws, lotto for example lucky numbers, horses


Magical Books

These are ancient powerful books for example the book of dead

Cast spells on unwanted people, to prolong someone’s life .With this book spell casting is made very easy, it be ordered at $630

Key to secret world

This is the Great book to the secret worlds and discovers your own Power

Love Charm

Love is perhaps the most important word in any language, for without love we can never achieve true happiness.

Love is the keystone of life, and this beautiful charm celebrates all that it represents.

With this Love Charm around your neck, you will glow with the warmth of love, casting out sparks to anyone who crosses your path.

 This love Charm might be the KEY to your Love life,try it NOW you will not be disappointed!

The Quinnox

Has your life come to a complete stop? Does it seem as if nothing you do or say has any effect whatsoever? If so, you should be aware of the powerful medallion known as the Quinnox.

The Quinnox is carried by anyone who desires a quick turnaround in a relationship that has turned sour, a falling savings account that needs an instant boost, or even someone who is causing trouble.

The Quinnox, could jump start your life and guide you by sending you in the right direction.

Take possession of the Quinnox and you will control life.

Enjoy the brief period when you'll have this beautiful adornment all to yourself because soon your friends will be asking where you got it.

Love Beads

Love Beads forge an unbreakable link between YOU and that one SPECIAL person. It has the power to:

Seal a permanent bond between you and a loved one.

Change the ordinary to extraordinary.

Relieve tension, anger, hostility in your relationship.

Allow your loved one to “let go” of past mistakes and recognize and appreciate your positive aspects.

Double your allure and sex appeal.

Let you shine and stand out from the rest.

 Love Beads are beautiful &really work , They  will draw people closer to you wherever you are. And you will find that you can't stop touching it as it is so soothing.

If you want to give yourself that extra special appeal that sets you aside from everyone else, this is the conversation piece you have been seeking. Everyone who will see what adorns your wrist will be awed by the Polynesian Love Beads’ mysterious appeal.  The Love Beads will bring you unlimited pleasure.


Lover Come Back To Me

Do you fall asleep each night wondering why you are not blessed with a partner who loves you unconditionally?

Do you sometimes dream of having a magic wand that could make that special person love you as deeply as you love them? And have this person return to you at once?

In your heart you know you are the right person for them but they are so stubborn they won't admit it. It's time for you to realize your situation isn't hopeless and that there is something you can do about it!

The Lover Come Back to Me! Amulet is a must for anyone who seeks the return of a lost love or hopes to renew the spark in a current relationship. Carry this remarkable amulet with you if you wish to "reconnect" with someone who has been distant from you. Hold it tightly if you want them to think of you, miss you, and desperately want to be with you again. Then, lightly press your fingers over the eternal flame if you want this person to return to you! 


Aphrodite’s Hearts                                                  

Keep in mind there is a moment in time when a person who "thinks" a relationship is over begins to have doubts. It is at this a moment that you will want your vision, your essence, to be present in their thoughts. At the same time this is occurring, regardless how far away you are, you may feel the heat from the eternal flame of the Burning Bush in this amazing good luck piece.

If you believe there are greater forces all around us, powers that can change our lives if we call upon them -- then we strongly urge you to possess this powerful amulet.

This powerful amulet represents two hearts – yours and the one you love.

Is this you?

Are you currently in love with someone and desire to bring this person closer to you? Do you crave to be appreciated, treasured, and loved unconditionally? Or perhaps you are searching for a new love and want it to happen now – not next week or next year.

Legend has it that Aphrodite’s Hearts will bring a current love closer to you, or if you are currently alone will steer the person of your dreams to your doorstep. If either of the above is your wish, let Aphrodite’s Hearts bring you true romance, unconditional love, and the fulfillment of your dreams.

Wear or carry this legendary piece and feel its gravitational pull on anyone who comes into view. Aphrodite’s Hearts is designed to capture the heart of the one you love.

Representing two hearts – yours and your loved one, here’s what Aphrodite’s Hearts can do for you:

Draws people to you.

Enhances romance.

Turnaround a seemingly hopeless relationship.

Turns a hard heart into a soft, loving heart.

Double the love and TLC you deserve.

This substantial sterling silver piece will be a keepsake that you will treasure for years.


 Joletta's Key


Within twenty-four hours you may begin to sense that powerful forces are being summoned to work in your behalf. This is when your wish may begin to take hold..


Joletta was a handsome woman who was afflicted with severe back problems which caused her to walk with a noticeable limp. Although encumbered with chronic pain, Joletta not only married and had several children, she achieved spectacular success in a man's world.


Despite her humble beginnings, Joletta became an enormously wealthy landowner and was renowned for treating her workers fairly and generously. She was beloved by everyone who crossed her path.


Joletta carried a unique good luck piece shaped in the form of a key, which she attributed to unlocking the doors to success in any endeavor of her choosing. It later became known as Joletta's Key.

Among the rewards blessed upon you when you possess Joletta's Key are:

Quick gratification in romance, finance, and games of chance

Keep evildoers away from your doorstep.

Renew forgotten hope.

Mend a broken heart or heal a wounded spirit.

Expand your influence at home and work.

Unlock the secrets to happiness


Abyssinian Wish Box

No one has ever been able to explain why or how the Abyssinian Wish Box works. Some speculate it has mystical powers while others believe the person's own psychic powers are suddenly activated.

Whatever the secret powers may be, it's time you take a dramatic step in improving your life and reaching out for what you deserve.

 Ask for money -- your finances may soar.

Ask for luck -- good things may start to happen to you.

Ask for power -- you may gain control of your life.                                                                     

Ask for the impossible -- your Abyssinian Wish Box could make it happen!

You may ask for anything or everything as long as you request only one thing at a time! Make your request clear and in as few words as possible.




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